Q:  What is the lead time on getting my order?
A:  Orders are shipped within 2 weeks.  Most within 1 week...

Q:  What are my shipping options?
A:  We use UPS for their timely and safe delivery of products. 

Q:  Can I get a custom gable vent made the way I want?
A:  Yes.  Every order is made to your specifications when you order.  If you send a picture, we will duplicate that.

Q:  Half round window trim, can I get an elliptical or eyebrow window trim?
A:  Yes.  Just call to place your order and mail a template of the trim to PO Box 299, Burnsville, MS 38833.

Q:  Can I get an oval gable vent?
A: Yes.  This does require a template as ovals are slightly different on their pivot points.

Q:  I need another aluminum trim piece?
A:  We can manufacture any aluminum trim you need.  We do not yet offer some things on the site due to the extensive shipping costs.

Q:  How do I order something not listed on the site?
A:  As we do not accept cards over the phone, we will take your order and have IT put in a SOS link and email it to you.  This way, you can still check out with PayPal security.

Q:  Can I get bulk discounts?
A:  Yes.  When ordering large quantities, call us to ensure you get the proper discounts and even shipping discounts.

Q:  What is the difference in house gable vents, garage attic vents and shed vents?
A:  Mainly the size, but there are many considerations to factor...

Have another question?  Call us (901) 281-2887 or email us at [email protected]

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