Since we offer every trim coil color under the sun and the coil manufacturers are constantly changing and adding to their color lists, we offer the option of typing in your color manufacturer and color name in the comments box at the bottom of every product.  Feel free to search through the color lists provided for the most popular colors.  Or use this chart to see most all of the colors out there.

CertainTeed Exterior Portfolio / Crane Mastic  James Hardie Royal® Building Products 
Arbor Blend  Aspen White  Almond  Aged Pewter  Bark 
Arctic Blend Bone  Cameo  Arctic White  Blue Grey 
Buckskin  Cabin  Charcoal Grey Autumn Tan  Brownstone 
Canyon Blend Canyon  Classic Cream  Boothbay Blue  Cocoa 
Colonial White Carbon  Dark Bronze  Chestnut Brown  Cypress 
Cypress  Clay  Glacier Blue Cobblestone  Flagstone 
Desert Tan Country Beige  Harbor Grey  Countrylane Red  Granite 
Flagstone  Cypress  Jefferson Tan  Deep Ocean  Harvard Slate 
Frontier Blend Driftwood  Linen  Evening Blue  Heather 
Glacier Blend Espresso  Montana Suede  Grey Slate  Heritage Blue 
Granite Gray  Graphite  Musket Brown  Heathered Moss  Ironstone 
Heritage Cream  Greystone  Pebblestone Clay  Iron Gray  Linen 
Herringbone  Harbor Blue  Portsmouth Blue  Khaki Brown  Marine Blue 
Ivy Green Hillside Green  Silver Grey  Light Mist  Midnight Surf 
Light Maple  Honey Oak  Snow White  Montery Taupe  Natural Cedar
Linen  Indigo  Terra Bronze Mountain Sage  Pebble Clay 
Natural Clay  Lighthouse Red  Sandstone Navajo Beige  Redwood 
Pacific Blue  Mocha  Timberstone Night Gray  Sable 
Sable Brown  Oceanside  Victorian Grey  Pearl Gray  Sand 
Sandstone Beige Olive  White  Rich Espresso  Shamrock 
Savannah Wicker  Pearl  Wicker  Sail Cloth  Soft Maple 
Seagrass  Regatta    Sandstone Beige  Sterling 
Silver Ash  Rye    Soft Green  Storm 
Silverplate  Saddle    Timber Bark  Toasted Almond 
Snow  Slate    Tuscan Gold  Tree Moss 
Spruce  Wheat    Woodland Cream  Vintage Cream 
Sterling Gray      Woodstock Brown  Walnut 
Timber Blend        Weathered Gray 

Georgia-Pacific Vinyl Siding  Heartland / Provia Vytec Windows  Revere Sovereign Select Norandex
Almond  Antique White  Autumn Ash  Almond  Almond 
Beige  Birchwood  Autumn Leaf  Aspen Champagne 
Clay  Camel  Canyon Ridge  Canyon Clay  Cobblestone Clay 
Cream  Canyon  Castle Stone  Chestnut Cream 
Flint  Clay  Clipper Gray  Earthen Dune 
Gray  Cream  Country Almond  Linen  Granite Gray 
Hampton Red  Gray  Desert  Maize  Ivy Green 
Mist  Linen  Irish Linen  Maple Linen 
Pearl  Mist  Lakeshore Blue  Pearl  Saddle Brown 
Pewter  Mountain Berry Sierra Brown  Pebble  Silver 
Tan  Nautica  Southwestern Sand  Rainforest Tan 
Wedgewood  Pewter  Spring Meadow  Sage  Wedgewood Blue 
White  Prairie  Tundra Moss  Sandalwood  White 
  Premium Blue  Twilight Gray  Sandstone   
  Pueblo  White  Snow White   
  Sage    Venetian Red   
  Sand    Wicker   
  Sandalwood    Willow  
Windsor Windows  Pella Windows  RMC Andersen Windows  Marvin Window
Black  Black  Adobe Clay  Black  Bronze 
Bronze  Brown  Canyon Brown  Canvas  Cadet Gray 
Cinnamon  Eldredge Gray  Harbor Stone  Forest Green  Cashmere 
Tan  Morning Sky Gray Sunny Maize  Sandtone  Coconut Cream 
White  Poplar White  Warm Sandalwood  Terratone  Ebony 
  White  White Birch  White  Sierra White 
        Stone White 
Gentek Variform Windows Alside Colors Mitten KP Building Products 
Almond  Autumn Beige  Antique Parchment Annapolis Blue  Almond 
Canyon Clay  Classic Cream  Cape Cod Gray  Brownstone  Classic Linen 
Linen  Dover White  English Saddle  Clay  Clay 
Maize  Georgian Gray  Glacier White  Cypress  Cobblestone Wicker 
Pearl  Irish Thistle Monterey Sand  Grenadier Green Heritage Gray 
Sandalwood  Island Pearl  Natural Linen  Hearthstone  Khaki 
Sandstone  Natural Almond  Platinum Gray  Ivory  Prairie Wheat 
Snow White  Sandy Tan  Somerset Wheat  Sandalwood  Tan 
Wicker  Silver Mist  Tuscan Clay Satin Grey  White 
  Stone Mountain Clay  Vintage Wicker  Stratus   
Kaycan Timberlake  Champion Windows  Sunrise Windows Jeld-Wen  
Flagstone  Adobe  Commercial Brown  Black   
Linen White  Champion Tan  Earthstone  Brilliant White  
Sandalwood  Colonial Blue  Sandstone  Chestnut Bronze  And Many More... 
Slate Gray    Tan  Dark Chocolate   

PVC Coated Aluminum Gable Vents
Baked On Finish Aluminum Gable Vents

With raised ridged on the louvers, it can attract some dust, but very little. 
Dustless.  The minute amount collected quickly blows away with the wind. 
Semi stain resistant. Also has UV color protection. 
Has a higher UV protected color coating which makes it even more stain resistant. 
Good for all inland areas of the Nation.  Not so good with the ocean. 
Works well in any climate including coastal regions with heavy salt water.
Great when replacing any old wood vent for a better match to the home's style. 
This finish has a low glow in the sun that really draws out a home and makes it shine. 
Has a beautiful wood grain texture for a classic natural look. (can be painted) 
Has an extreme smooth finish for a more modern sleek appearance. (will not paint)
Also, blends with vinyl siding cladding to appear as a PVC or vinyl gable vent. 
Holds the appearance of a strong metal attic vent for many years to come. 

Although, all these colors are available for your attic vent, and more, we also offer a primed smooth that is extremely easy to paint.  One issue commonly misunderstood in this ventilation business, is that raw aluminum cannot be successfully painted.  The primer that allows the finish coating to adhere to the aluminum is called a wain's coating.  The wain's coating is an actual aluminum adhesive that can be colored or a clear umber.  On top of that is applied the actual color coating seen. 

We do also offer raw aluminum for gables that need a vent with bling. 

To visually encounter the actual colors, visit any local siding supplier.  They will even help with decisions of attic vent net free air and have the knowledge to assist with your gable vent order. 

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