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Since 1996, we have continually provided you with top of the line gable vents, aluminum products and building supplies.  By hiring retired contractors, we are kept up to date on the newest issues you experience on the job site.  Our team has the installation knowledge to build you a stronger gable vent and to ease your worries about half round window trim.

Although we have many machines to do a lot of the manufacturing for us, we still use reliable sheet metal workers to ensure the gable vent you order will be up to your standards.  Most of our dedicated team have been in the industry 20 plus years and are very pleased when you send in your project pictures of our combined work.

So, even though these gable vents have been around for some time, the process of manufacturing them can change as new technology becomes available.  Yet, we will never sacrifice quality for price. 
Once you install your gable vent louver,
It should last a lifetime, no less.

Quality Products
We stay up to date on all technological advances for better attic vents.   We want you to have the best and strongest vent possible.  But we don't stop there.

When you buy your louvered vent from our building supplies, your order is processed and given to the shop foreman.  He deals out the orders to the specialist best suited for your product.  This lessens the chance of a miss made vents.  Once the louvered attic vent is ready, it goes to quality control.  Each and every gable vent is checked for measures, clean appearance and much more before shipping.  We have a rigorous quality control team that will not stamp a gable vent with the name "Onyx Xteriors" unless it passes the tests. 

To protect the vents from damage in shipping, they are wrapped with low friction plastic and crated for their size. 
With the best record of safe delivery, Fed Ex will deliver your attic vents to your job or doorstep.

The custom sheet metal shop that has become Onyx Xteriors will customize any aluminum gable vent, half round window trim and any other house trim piece you need.

We keep everything simple in manufacturing your custom aluminum products with 3 things in mind.  Quality products, quick shipping and easy install.

Our mission is simple: to provide the best aluminum products and customer service to our customers at the best prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog and purchase our aluminum products.

Manufacturing gable vents in triangle, square, round, tombstone, and many more shapes.  Our louvered vents are the strongest .019 aluminum on the market. 

Half round window trim made of metal; aluminum is here also in our half round window trim department.

Want something else?  We offer a variety of custom and specialty products.

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