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Smooth Half Round Window Trim

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Aluminum half round window trim manufactured to match your other window wraps.  Our HRWT machine will curve and arch the aluminum trim coil to the rounded shape of your half round window.  This half round window trim has a smooth face for installers who like box end window wraps.  It comes in a simple L-shape for installing inside a brick opening and a C-shape for outside siding.  The C-shaped has an added 3/4 inch turn back around the top of the window trim to seal off at the wall exterior.

Order the trim size for your window trim.  All half round window trims are manufactured for your trim exterior measures. 

Do not add or subtract from your measures.  It is rare to measure wood trim for a perfect measure.  Our HRWT machine will cypher the measures and create a good fitting aluminum half round trim piece for your arched window top.

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