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Sunrise Gable Vent

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Adding a soft, seductive style to a home can be as easy as installing a Sunrise Gable Vent.  The decorative gable vent gives the silky appearance of choking off the attic gently resembling a well folded napkin.  Yet, these Sunrise Gable Vents are actually vented slightly to allow some air flow to continue and prevent the stale smell of a closed off attic.

The decor gable vent is only 1 inch deep so it can be installed inside the gable wall opening or outside over the edges of the siding.  The slats of the Sunrise vent are spaced 1/2 inch apart to allow air flow.  The entire decorative vent is composed of aluminum embossed in the color of your choice.  A decorative gable vent should be designed to add decor and curb appeal.  The Sunrise Decorative Gable Vent definitely does that.

Order the opening size for your gable vent.  All gable vents are manufactured 1/2 inch smaller than the measures ordered.  This allows for an easy fit to the opening size.

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